Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1ST Quarter

        There are lots of things that get on my nerves, but here is the main ones. Naked feet, if you walk around without socks on you are a disgusting human being. I know your feet are important and all but they are absolutely disgusting. I especially hate it when people wear flip flops or other open toed shoes to school. Is there no other shoe you can wear, nobody wants to see your disgusting feet. Put some socks on, you nasty. Also if your feet touch me you are done for. You might as well stop talking to me right then and there. This one goes out to all of the slow walkers out there. You may not have somewhere to be but others do so if you could hurry your little self up that would be great. Also most people in general get on my nerves. Oh, the president called someone " Little Rocket man" world war 3 here we come. Why can't everyone get over their ginormous egos and live life to the fullest. Who cares about what some 7 year old said to you a couple years back, ignore it and move on. Y'all just need to get over yourselves and be happy. Stop trying to start wars or arguments, it does nothing but hurt lots of people.

        I'm not superstitious about Friday the 13th. Why? Because there is a 13th in every month oh no it just so happens to be on a Friday big deal. It's not like anything bad has ever really happened. A couple of scary movies were made about it oh my now everyone needs to be afraid. Also I don't believe in bad luck. You fell and hurt yourself, it's because you are clumsy and need to watch where you are going. No it is not because you walked under a ladder yesterday. You failed a test, you just need to study more next time don't try to say oh I opened an umbrella inside so that's why I failed. You need to stop making up excuses and own up to your mistakes. So that is why I'm not superstitious about Friday the 13th and I don't believe in bad luck.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Words of Wisdom

  This project showed me that younger kids don't use as much effort for things. For instance when you look at the 10 year olds compared to the 34 year olds there is a obvious difference in the amount of effort one put in to their quotes. Then some people didn't take it seriously if you look at some of the 13 year olds compared to others you can see who thought it was a joke and who took it seriously. In conclusion you can see how age gaps show that some people have more wisdom than others.

Monday, March 20, 2017

History Day Reflection

     Our project is about Susan B. Anthony. She took a stand in history by standing up for women when they couldn't stand up for themselves, she focused on rights to vote and equal pay. We did an exhibit, and designed it to be like a voting booth. I like the idea of our exhibit design. How we tried to make it look like a voting booth also our color scheme. That is my favorite part because she wanted women to have political rights so we decided hey why not do the colors of the flag to go with the political involvement of Anthony. I also liked the voting booth idea because she mainly wanted women to be able to vote so they could be taken seriously in the government.
      The 1 most interesting fact i learned is probably the fact the 19th amendment was passed after she died. I thought this was interesting because she spent almost her life fighting for the 19th amendment to passed. Also the fact she went to a temperance rally was denied the right to speak because she was a women. This fact was interesting because she already knew she kind of wanted to work with women's rights but this was kind a kick starter for her to get involved. I think the hardest part of this project was deadlines because our 7th hour class missed a lot of days and our group was very busy on weekends so we had to work a lot in class also we had to work outside of class a lot on school nights as a group or at home by ourselves.
     I think this project helped improve me as a learner by teaching me you have to try hard even when you really don't want to because at times I didn't want to do much but I knew if I didn't we would get a bad grade and wouldn't be able to go to history day. Also it thaught me that sometimes you actually have to try for some research it isn't easy to find all of the time I thought that if we chose a well known topic it would be easy to research but I was wrong most of our sources just repeated them selves. Between now and history I would like to put our title on and know who is going to say what on our board. I'm most proud of my work ethic in this project because lots of projects I just go to try and get it done I don't really care but this project I worked hard and went for the best grade possible.
     Our project relates to the theme bcause Anthony took a stand for women to be taken seriously and so that women can do things that men do. Some advice to future participants of history day is to take this project very seriously and don't forget deadlines! Deadlines are your life in this project you miss one and you are behind for what seems like forever.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Shakespeare reflections

             Shakespeare Reflection

    When I first heard that we were studying Shakespeare I thought of a whole bunch of super old, hard to  read, super boring plays. but when ever we started reading Taming Of The Shrew, is when I learned that shakespeare isn't as boring as you think really, He invented a lot of words we use still today!

   I think it's still important to learn about Shakespeare because he was a big part in history also because he did so many things many other people wouldn't which helped us get where we are today.
    In the The Taming Of The Shrew I think Kate was tamed because she calmed down a lot and learned that men chase women until women catches him. Which is why I think she gave the speech on why wives should be obedient to their husbands.
  I think his insults and death scenes show that he had a different thought of good plays an poetry even than other writers of his time. Which also why I think he is a huge part of history today.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog post

        2016-2017 Goals

  My academic goals for my self are to be on the A honor roll and to learn a lot. My behavior goals are to never get a detention also to never get kicked out of class. Lastly my improvement goals are to pay attention more and to ask more questions. These are important areas to work on because if I don't set goals like this then I don't have anything to try for I don't have anything to help want to learn to reach my goals.    

Friday, June 3, 2016

Dakota And Delaney Westward Expansion

Delaney and I were partners for this project and our topic was                                    Sewing

DWA Publishing 1ST Quarter

        There are lots of things that get on my nerves, but here is the main ones. Naked feet, if you walk around without socks on you are a...