Monday, March 20, 2017

History Day Reflection

     Our project is about Susan B. Anthony. She took a stand in history by standing up for women when they couldn't stand up for themselves, she focused on rights to vote and equal pay. We did an exhibit, and designed it to be like a voting booth. I like the idea of our exhibit design. How we tried to make it look like a voting booth also our color scheme. That is my favorite part because she wanted women to have political rights so we decided hey why not do the colors of the flag to go with the political involvement of Anthony. I also liked the voting booth idea because she mainly wanted women to be able to vote so they could be taken seriously in the government.
      The 1 most interesting fact i learned is probably the fact the 19th amendment was passed after she died. I thought this was interesting because she spent almost her life fighting for the 19th amendment to passed. Also the fact she went to a temperance rally was denied the right to speak because she was a women. This fact was interesting because she already knew she kind of wanted to work with women's rights but this was kind a kick starter for her to get involved. I think the hardest part of this project was deadlines because our 7th hour class missed a lot of days and our group was very busy on weekends so we had to work a lot in class also we had to work outside of class a lot on school nights as a group or at home by ourselves.
     I think this project helped improve me as a learner by teaching me you have to try hard even when you really don't want to because at times I didn't want to do much but I knew if I didn't we would get a bad grade and wouldn't be able to go to history day. Also it thaught me that sometimes you actually have to try for some research it isn't easy to find all of the time I thought that if we chose a well known topic it would be easy to research but I was wrong most of our sources just repeated them selves. Between now and history I would like to put our title on and know who is going to say what on our board. I'm most proud of my work ethic in this project because lots of projects I just go to try and get it done I don't really care but this project I worked hard and went for the best grade possible.
     Our project relates to the theme bcause Anthony took a stand for women to be taken seriously and so that women can do things that men do. Some advice to future participants of history day is to take this project very seriously and don't forget deadlines! Deadlines are your life in this project you miss one and you are behind for what seems like forever.

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